• Colt Journal October 2013

    Colt Journal October 2013

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    Negative SEO • The Art of Negotiation • Social Media & Personal Injury Cases • Worksite Injuries • Attorney Fee Sharing • Civility in Depositions • Effective Attorney Marketing

Welcome to the Circle of Legal Trust Journal Site. This is the companion site to the Circle of Legal Trust Blog where we post copies of the Circle of the Legal Trust Journal, which is our monthly magazine edited by attorney Steven Sweat, a fully patched member of COLT.

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Here, top notch trial attorneys like William “Bill” Hurst, litigators like Jonathan Rosenfeld, and other amazing attorneys throughout the world with membership rights, get to post PDF articles on a wide range of topics, from dealing with clients, courts, law and the semantic web. The semantic web poses many distinct challenges to lawyers who have been ripped off by unsavory marketers over the years.  The challenges posted by Google’s Panda and Penguin, have put a spotlite on online black hat practices and shyster SEO companies.  Many lawyers have disappeared in the organic search rankings.

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Clients need lawyers, and lawyers cannot find clients unless they comply with the Search Engine Quality Guidelines. Clients do not just want to find attorneys however, they want to know who their attorney is. So in the summer of 2102, we decided that attorneys needed a device with which to judge, reward and benefit other lawyers who were like minded, when it came to establishing a quality brand presence that prospective clients could trust.  In cooperation with Legal Torch.com, our Whitelisted attorneys have been effectively getting out important public service messages to attorneys as well as potential clients, by combining a fusion of technicians and search engine algorithm experts with legal advocates. We are striving to make certain that each of our members have top quality web properties, and high ethical standards.  Our co-branding efforts and mutual regard for one another, makes us the cream of the crop and sets us apart from any non member.

Additionally, we hand out awards to attorneys based upon client and peer reviews. And why not? The internet has its own unique code and laws, and attorneys are particularly suited to be the guardians, due to our unique training.  Accordingly, only fully patched members of the Circle of Legal Trust are allowed to participate in our blog and magazine discussions on the legal and ethical issues that are distinct to practicing law in a virtual world, and using social media in an effective and civil way. The goal is to use the multiple platforms available, such as video, PDF, journals and magazines, to present the law and effective attorney services, in such a fashion as to uphold public confidence in our justice systems throughout the world. In effect, we are bridging the gap between attorneys and regular, ordinary citizens. Tearing down the barriers and learning to respect one another on a human level, is one of the major achievements of our organization.  Read on and enjoy our free legal and educational resources.